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We are the European leader in hospital-grade UV-C disinfection.

Since the founding of our company in 2016, our goal is to help hospitals prevent and reduce hospital-associated infections.

We can help you to make your hospital 100% INFECTION RESISTANT. 

UV-C Robot SteriPro is manufactured in Slovenia (EU) and developed together with hospitals! It got “The best business idea 2020” reward and is already used in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

2000 W power Robot makes sure that a 63m2 room is completely disinfected (surfaces and air) with 99,9999% efficiency in just 6 minutes! And the IoT technology incorporated makes sure you get the report and document each disinfection knowing exactly in which room the disinfection was performed, by whom, and was it done properly.

The SteriPro robot kills M.R.S.A. in 5 seconds, kills VRE in 8 seconds and kills Covid19 in as much as 3 seconds! (*direct exposure). 

We have a microbiological standardized test to prove it, and also we have the highest certificates for safety, quality, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental impact, issued by independent authority bodies.  

Hospital-associated infections (HAIs) impact around 3,2 million people annually - just in EU (*Suetens et al., 2018).

HAIs in the EU cost €5,5 to €7 billion per year, and are responsible for 90.000 deaths annually. The estimated proportion of hospital-acquired covid-19 cases ranges from 12.5% to 44% (12,5% to 44% of all hospitalized patients get Covid19 while in hospitals) (OECD, 2020, "Economics of patient safety")

With the help of our SteriPro, with 99.9999% efficiency, we strive to bring those numbers as close to 0 as possible and provide a safer environment for patients and workers.

We offer a technological solution that can make your cleaning protocols bullet-proof. Technology as a logical next step on top of the manual procedures. A NEW must-have! 

Invest in prevention, and do not ever need to get in a situation to put down the fire of hospital infection outbreak!   

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