Rommelag is the inventor and world leader in aseptic filling systems using blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology. Our bottelpack packaging systems are considered advanced aseptic filling by regulatory authorities. The BFS containers are formed from plastic polymer material in an automated process, filled and hermetically sealed. BFS packaging of sterile liquids (e.g. eye drops, infusion solution, injectables, inhalations, vaccines), gels and ointments, Rommelag is present in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, but also in the cosmetics and chemical industries.  

Key applications of the BFS technology are bottles, ampoules, dropper bottles and bellows containers that can be produced in various shapes and types of plastic. bottelpack systems produce up to 30,000 containers per hour. Typical container volumes range from less than 0.1 ml to more than 1,000 ml.  

Rommelag Engineering offers a system configuration tailored to the product. We complement our bottelpack lines with inspection systems and digitalisation solutions.  

Being a one-stop partner, Rommelag supports their customers with in-house Pharma Service from the planning phase through validation and qualification to
plant optimisation.  

Our after-sales service supports our customers throughout the entire product life cycle. From the installation of the system by our own technicians to its maintenance, repair and complex modifications. With attractive service packages, we ensure that the investment in a bottelpack system pays off. We prevent unplanned downtimes and optimise plant performance.  

For customer-specific container and closure developments as well as for test fillings, we have our own laboratory test and production facilities.  

Rommelag CMO offers a quick and easy entry into contract filling with bottelpack BFS technology. Rommelag CMO fills more than 2 million containers daily for customers around the world. At our CDMO facilities, we operate more than 50 BFS systems in various configurations for you. And they are set up to meet stringent pharmaceutical standards, perform test fills and realise production batches or small series for you.   

With Rommelag iLabs GmbH, Rommelag has had its own think tank for the development and implementation of innovative ideas in the field of digitalisation and Pharma 4.0 since 2017. Our Rommelag Pharma Platform offers solutions for the digital integration of bottelpack plants into existing infrastructures, smart operation, interactive maintenance and data-based support.  

For the diverse challenges of dosing, emptying, transporting highly sensitive bulk materials, Rommelag FLEX developed a sophisticated containment system that can be ideally adapted to existing processes, does not require recertification and reduces subsequent cleaning effort to a minimum. The innovative Flecotec system
meets the requirements of containment level OEB 5 for the handling and packaging of hazardous raw materials and HPAPIs. Typical applications are the sampling and dosing of powders and bulk materials, in-process sampling or the emptying and filling of bags, for example in the production of active ingredients or tablets.  


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