EQRX - remaking medicine


EQRx is a new type of pharmaceutical company committed to developing and delivering innovative medicines to patients at radically lower prices. Launched in January 2020, EQRx is purpose-built, at scale, with a growing catalog of medicines in development in high-cost drug categories and emerging partnerships with leading payers and providers. Leveraging cutting-edge science and technology and strategic partnerships with stakeholders from across the healthcare system, EQRx aims to provide innovative, patent-protected medicines more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. In August 2021, EQRx announced a proposed combination with CM Life Sciences III (Nasdaq: CMLTU) to accelerate its growth. In November 2022, Abdul Latif Jameel Health and EQRx entered into a new strategic collaboration for the commercialization of two affordable novel lung cancer therapeutics to millions of people across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey. To learn more, visit www.eqrx.com Contact us: info@aljhealth.com Learn more about our collaboration here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifChX9Q1Lw4

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