Holoeyes - interactive extended reality 3D visualization of patient data for surgery & training


Holoeyes is virtual reality software that dramatically enhances medical treatments, procedure planning and education. Holoeyes 3D models are used for preoperative simulations and intraoperative support for understanding anatomical structure around the target problem using AI to convert 2D imaging such as MRI or CT into a personalized individual 3D virtual reality model. Users can freely move around in the VR space and see the doctor’s movements, procedures, and 3D models from all angles. Users can also record the surgeons’ movements and techniques in three-dimensional space, and relive them later in the Holoeyes’ VR platform, effectively sharing the skills and knowledge from real cases has become possible. This makes the learning of such clinical skills available anytime, anywhere by VR medical education content that can be simply used on smart devices. Holoeyes has developed VR software suite that dramatically enhances medical treatments to achieve this, including: 1. Holoeyes XR: a multi-person interface that can be used for conferencing, consulting, surgical training and also to assist in obtaining a patient’s informed consent. 2. Holoeyes Edu: specifically tailored for medical and nursing students and medical residents to drive education and training. Holoeyes VS: for secure multi-physician remote conferencing (building in Holoeyes MD and XR) 3. Holoeyes MD: the core technology application to create the VR models and enable recordings, slicing, layering and annotation including augmented reality markers. Holoeyes' cutting edge extended reality solutions are represented in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey by Abdul Latif Jameel Health. Learn more: https://holoeyes.jp/en/ Read more about our collaboration: https://youtu.be/2WzuQx166wo https://bit.ly/3EO7AGh https://bit.ly/3oLSiMq Contact us: holoeyes@aljhealth.com info@aljhealth.com Product Video https://youtu.be/TyK1ybgIE2U

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