Melody Intl iCTG fetal & uterine remote monitoring solution to reduce perinatal emergencies & deaths


Melody International's Mobile Fetal Monitor iCTG – Melody i – is a small and smart, mobile fetal monitoring device, able to assist doctor’s tough situations swiftly. The system comprises of a fetal heart monitor, a uterine contraction monitor, and a tablet. It has a built-in speaker in the transducer, so it can also be used as a fetal doppler to increase efficiency in fetal monitoring. Mobile Fetal Monitor, iCTG – Melody i, is a-one-of-a-kind instrument in the world with its wireless monitors, internet connection, and tablet display. Maternal and fetal conditions can be checked via the internet even at distant locations. Fetal Monitor iCTG was certified by PMDA in Japan and registered with Thai FDA. US FDA will be obtained by mid of 2022. CE mark and Saudi Arabia FDA are preparing for certification. Melody's iCTG solution is represented in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and South/South East Asia by Abdul Latif Jameel Health. Learn more: Read more about our collaboration: Contact us: Product Video

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